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The Music of Dave Deporis
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Front page logo, Dave Deporis in large lettering with December 23rd, 1976 to August 9th, 2017 written smaller below -- Overlayed on a large gray and dark green photo taken by Dave of dense fog engulfing the treeline at Muir Woods National Monument, a redwood forest he loved and visited frequently while living in Oakland, California.
Dave Deporis posing for a photo while hiking, he wears his favorite plaid shirt open with a t-shirt beneath, a backpack over his shoulders and behind the left, the top of his guitar in a soft shell case is visibly strapped to his back. Behind him a large hill of wiry brush in brown and tan which he is descending. His wildly curling hair juxtaposed against a brighter blue twilight sky with a tiny waxing crescent moon already visible in the top right.
A quote — ‘There’s music that comes from the unknown. Music with a strangeness that is at first both annoying and arresting, music with a depth which proves that it issues from the mind of someone who has known pain and hope and unthinkable sorrow — someone, in other words, who knows a bit about life, and not from the outside, but from the core. Dave is that musician.’ - Peter Himmelman
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A small sampling of songs written & performed by Dave Deporis. Official releases forthcoming in 2018

Header image - News and Updates in light gray on a darker charcoal gray image of clouds, faintly framed by receding lines of dark gray and faint gold above and below. Small lightning bolts faintly bursting from either side in darker silver and gold but each slightly tinted a different color creating an autumn rainbow.
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Header image - Contact in bright gray, faintly framed by receding lines of  gray and faint gold above and below. Small lightning bolts faintly bursting from either side in darker silver and gold and each slightly tinted a different. Above a contact form and mailinglist sign up overlaid on another photo by Dave Deporis of Muir Woods National Park in dense fog - this time deep within the Redwood Forest. Only the trunks of smaller trees are visible in dark browns with some light green moss within a dense medium gray fog .Remainders of old branches and new growth just out from the trunks giving an extra feeling of wildness. The very lush green of the moist forest floor framing the bottom of the page above the footer.
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