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Dave Deporis posing for a photo while hiking, he wears his favorite plaid shirt open with a t-shirt beneath, a backpack over his shoulders and behind the left, the top of his guitar in a soft shell case is visibly strapped to his back. Behind him a large hill of wiry brush in brown and tan which he is descending. His wildly curling hair juxtaposed against a brighter blue twilight sky with a tiny waxing crescent moon already visible in the top right.
A quote — ‘There’s music that comes from the unknown. Music with a strangeness that is at first both annoying and arresting, music with a depth which proves that it issues from the mind of someone who has known pain and hope and unthinkable sorrow — someone, in other words, who knows a bit about life, and not from the outside, but from the core. Dave is that musician.’ - Peter Himmelman