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NYC, NY – 06/23/2020 – We are excited to announce the release of Dave Deporis' For The Birds and Children, the long-awaited first official release of his works, made possible by the unwavering support and efforts of friends and fans.

Dave Deporis was a prolific and unique American singer-songwriter primarily active in New York and California. Taking inspiration from classical, folk and traditional world music, lyrically intensive singer-songwriters like Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, alternative, grunge and post-punk artists of the late 1980s and early 90s, Dave sought to make music which was both refined and fiercely non-elitist.
However, despite continuously writing, recording and performing for nearly 20 years, Dave never formally released an album during his lifetime. In August of 2017, Dave was working outside a cafe in Oakland when a thief grabbed his laptop containing many of his unreleased recordings. Dave pursued the thief as they fled the scene and was struck down by the getaway vehicle.
Dave's passing was reported by a wide range of publications including Pitchfork, Brooklyn Vegan, Billboard, Spin, NME, Rolling Stone Germany and Forbes as well as national television and print news outlets. Many musicians and artists also publicly mourned his passing on social media, praising his talent and citing his influence or inspiration on their work. Friends and fans donated funds, volunteered time and talents to help preserve and release his music.


For The Birds and Children is the first offering from the resulting project. Comprised primarily of home recordings circa 2005-2008, it contains many of Dave Deporis' best known works from the period. 

"My highest recommendation. An inspiring musical explorer and a singer with a daring, gorgeously textured, ecstatic voice. Likely to provoke goosebumps & gasps"

- David Garland, Spinning On Air, WNYC

"I'd rather call him a shaman than a songwriter. The latter may be too weak a word"

- Timothy Gallogy, The Torture Garden

"This stuff may have some rough edges,
but much of it is as real as life and death"
- David Byrne

“Deporis's music is a treasure, buried away from deserving ears, from unknowing ears, but it merits, if not desires, an audience.  A voice which does not overpower, nor take the breath away but commands attention with its presence. The man, like his music is vaguely mysterious...”

– Alan Williamson, Sixeyes

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“There’s music that comes from the unknown. Music with a strangeness that is at first, both annoying and arresting, music with a depth which proves that it issues from the mind of someone who has known pain and hope and unthinkable sorrow —  someone, in other words,
who knows a bit about life, and not from the outside, but from the core. Dave is that musician.”

   – Peter Himmelman, Forbes

"Magical"Brooklyn Vegan

"I hear Dave's voice & I melt"

- Shara Nova, My Brightest Diamond

It's exceedingly rare
to come across anything that strikes me nearly this powerfully.”

- Thomas Bartlett, Salon

Orphan Field Recordings

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