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All night, all night

I hear them calling

outside, outside

it sounds like they’re humming

the song you sing when you know

that you’re gonna die

On my back

looking at the stars

oh my god, my god,

how did they get so high up there?

they shine like something shines

when it knows

it’s gonna die

For the birds, the birds,

the birds and children,

these words, these words,

I move to be near them - 

the sound that strong things make

when they know

they’re gonna die

The moon, the moon,

she knows all our secrets

but still she shines so beautifully on the sea, yes,

oh, I thank you for gracing me

with your light through my darkest times

Come dog, come dog,

let me throw you a bone, yes,

I’m growing old

and I can’t throw so well

but I hope that you don’t mind my friend,

oh, I know you don’t mind

There’s a tree on my block

where the birds rest from flight

when the sun goes down on them

what a sight, yeah,

goodbye to all of you my friends

may you fly for many more miles

You were born with an old man’s face

looking for the proof

and every path that you take

led right back to you

and I was impatient,

I botched the equation

I lost my arithmetic book

and there I stood and I shook

until the awe overtook

Grandma, Grandpa

I send you this love, yes,

this song that you can take on your voyage

wherever you wind up my friends,

I hope you have a wonderful time

Blow wind, blow wind,

blow one more time

on my face, my skin

fill my lungs with one last breath – 

And with it all I thank you

and I let go of this life

and with it all, god, I thank you

this gift –

this song to say goodbye… 


All Night

For the Birds and Children

For the Birds and Children

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