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1, 2, 3, 4!

You were sketching mirrors, 

I was planting sky 

Underneath the cherry tree 

On the 4th of July

You threw the mountain sideways 

And tossed the earth up straight 

And like a dog you caught it in your mouth 

To celebrate your life!

Flirting with disaster

Two weeks in a row 

A policeman's body 

Trapped inside a painter’s skull

And we may meet in darkness 

For the rest of our days 

And our mouths may hang open 

Even when we've met our graves

Then our jaws fall right off our faces

And I will sip the morning, 

I will sip the morning, 

I will sip the morning 

Till it's afternoon

Then I will sip the afternoon

Until that I see the moon

And then I will


Summertime is coming

I feel it in my bones 

My babyhair still growing 

And my skeleton of bones

I wanted to get healthy

So that you'd notice me 

I wanted to escape the coast guard 

Pretending I was sea 

I was not

But someday, maybe.....

So please, 

Don't be scared.

Of what you 

See out there

Which way you turn

My friend

You're weaving around 

Like a bird

I know to some 

It sounds absurd

You're weaving around 

Like a little bird

I know to some it sounds absurd


And all I want

All I want is what is true

All I want

All I want is what is true

And I see the TV

I see the talk shows with no sound

I see the stars at night

Even when they're not around

There's blossoms beside me

They're still there when the song ends

I find work at the factory

At the gate where the city ends

I make pianos, 

I make pianos, 

I make pianos...

And I see behind me

I see the bandshell draped in black

But now it's morning

And the traffic's starting back

I see all these streetsigns

That I've never seen before

I'm on my way to work today

Don't want to work there anymore


Don't Be Scared

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For the Birds and Children

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