Slayer, tooth decayer

on a prayer that was answered

On a high horse, or a racecourse

in flames, and flooded with answers

But will my

young heart

beat a false start?

I'm a jogger whose eyes are turning

I'm a here now

and I know how

Oh, my heart is yearning

Day on day...

You're a talker, she's a walker

yeah, there's two kinds of people

one half, have heart

the other part

lie in a field of dead dreams, oh

And now the rent's due,

and I have to

siphon off a living

in this

cruel world

which was hurled

out into space and spinning

Day on day...

Now it's late fall

before nightfall

yeah, I go out walking


dead leaves

in my blue jeans

and my

long sleeves 

with their 

stitched seams

And the streetlights,

they shine so bright

I wonder what they could show me

It's a long freeze and I do believe

we could all

go without warning




For the Birds and Children

For the Birds and Children

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