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I C U Through Lightning

I C U Through Lightning

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For The Birds and Children is a record Inspired by the frenetic and peaceful, set on clipped waves and uncertain times... An old frayed map by candlelight, intended to take listeners along on a journey from warm pads, through the backstreets in early morning hours and out into the wild spaces.

In a wounded world, I hope this album is a poultice and a salve...

This album was conceived in Brooklyn, somewhere off the Ft Hamilton Parkway in late 2005 and recorded over the course of a few years. It's not exactly the record that I set out to make but hopefully it will allow people to form a relationship with the songs.

Most everything on here was recorded into a field recording microphone and DAT recorder in various locations around the city. What you're hearing here are good takes and not unlike what it would be like to see me perform live.

​ – notes from Dave's hard drive circa 2009 

FTBAC Cover 600 with border.jpg
FTBAC Cover 600 with border.jpg


FTBAC Final LP Mock 600.png


FTBAC Final CD Mock 400.png