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Updated: May 11, 2020

Things have been quiet for a short while now while we’ve been busy organizing, cataloging and laying the necessary groundwork to ensure that Dave’s music is not only preserved but released in ways which honor his spirit and artistic integrity.

First, we want to extend sincere thanks to all who have reached out over the past several months. Your voices, remembrances and all which you've shared have provided great solace and project wouldn’t be possible without the support you have so graciously provided.

Dave and his music touched so many across a remarkably broad spectrum and the coming together of those who loved him, many whom are meeting for the first time, is also in its own way a large part of and extension of his legacy.

We want to reassure everyone that Dave’s music isn’t lost. On the contrary, a very large amount of additional material has been found. Dave worked tirelessly on his music for over twenty years, writing and recording almost constantly. As such, much of the challenging task before us now is sorting through it all, fine tuning and ensuring that which is being released is up to Dave’s standards.

There are currently over three hundred documented songs with many of those existing in multiple, distinct variations. There are a massive number of casual recordings, demos, working recordings, live performances and studio sessions, hundreds of videos and thousands of photographs — all before counting the many more which others have been sending.

This website is just the very beginning. Plans in the near future include official releases of some works as well as smaller releases of other material, live performances and likely a few surprises. This site will be growing and evolving over time as well, not only to accommodate the releases but also to eventually serve as a repository for a larger archive of live and other recordings.

Our goal is for Dave’s music and message to reach far, wide and long into the future to touch and inspire others. We know that it will continue to spread primarily by the same means it always has — from hand-to-hand and by word-of-mouth. As such, the music that is officially released will always be available in some free, readily accessible form online and everyone is not only welcome to but encouraged to share it in any non-commercial form.

Our deepest gratitude for the extension of your love and support to this project. We should be posting semi-regular updates and announcements from here onward. They can be sent directly to your inbox by signing up for the mailing list. Whether you knew Dave or have only recently heard his music for the first time, please also feel free to reach out to us using the contact form as we do genuinely enjoy hearing from and sharing with you.

Don’t lose the thread...

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