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Dave's in-studio performance on Irene Trudel's WFMU show, April 14th 2008


At first listen the music of Dave Deporis is strikingly obscure and engaging, filled with a contradictory quiet power. Once relocated to Florida as a child from his native Manhattan, Dave returned to NYC with influences from both locales. In an interview for Sixeyes, Deporis said, "There is an indelible part of my psyche informed by the urban and the frenetic, as well as a deep love for the land beyond the cities, the oceans and seabirds, the mountains and streams, the desert and sand dunes, the places where life slows down and the face of nature reveals itself to you." Dave Deporis played a number of his songs live, and he chose the music afterward through the end of the show. — Irene Trudel


Songs performed:
Daylight Sprawls
Peace March
Catholic Smokering
At The End of the Tunnel
As A Boy / In Love
Mother Nature’s Song
The Adult Song
Swan King in the Snow
All Night (v2)

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